Launch now with no capex requirements

The Telcobricks technology is available for service providers by means of two deployment scenarios:

  • As a IMS installed at customer premises;
  • As a fully dedicated hosted hardware and software platform. There is no need to acquire and manage your own equipment and software. Being provided as a service “at the cloud”, no capital investment is required.

Start up with confidence. We provide you with complete service management

All inclusive platform engineering and operations support. There are no hidden fees, with all inclusive around the clock customer support ensuring software upgrades, performance management and integral backups and restoration.

  • Advanced Telcobricks real-time rating technology supports both prepaid and postpaid services.
  • All services are delivered in a 1+1 redundant architecture ensuring carrier class “five nines” high availability;
  • All data is held securely at high availability and high performance databases as well as redundant NAS devices;
  • With Telcobricks antifraud and revenue-assurance technology, the service provider gets excellent risk control;
  • Telcobricks solutions are modular, scalable and complete;

Start-up and grow rapidly with the right technology

Telcobricks products are both technically and commercially designed to minimize technological barriers, helping service providers to start up rapidly completely focusing on business issues instead of technological details.

  • The solution offers service providers a low start-up cost and scalability according to the capacity needed at each point of the business growing curve;
  • Powerful and intuitive configuration backoffice tools allow for easy clients provision and tariffs design;
  • Powerful and intuitive monitoring backoffice tools allow for deep and effective diagnosis and control;
  • Customized and intuitive frontoffice tools provide client self-care;
  • Fully automated provision for clients using number portability.
  • Interconnects with other carriers using SIP, SS7 and ISDN PRI.
  • Any-to-Any: System handles TDM to TDM, TDM to VoIP and VoIP to VoIP calls;
  • Provides electronic invoicing with pdf documents digitally signed and automatically delivered to your clients;
  • Handle electronic payments available in your own country;

All national regulatory requirements are fully integrated

  • Lawful call interception;
  • Detailed reporting for national regulatory authorities;
  • Handles database related to emergency toll free number (112).

Telcobricks product fits telecommunications business models like mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), Internet telephony service providers (ITSP) and traditional voice service providers (VSPs).
The product can be used for startup projects as well for rollout of old and depreciated voice platforms.
Telcobricks modules provides solutions for deployment scenarios like:

  • Residential and corporate broadband telephony: Fixed, nomadic and mobile VoIP prepaid and postpaid services.
  • Indirect Access: Prepaid and postpaid services accessed using a service prefix.
  • Billing and electronic payments integration for voice and data service providers;
  • Interconnection with other carriers using SIP, SS7 and ISDN PRI.
  • Carrier-grade and fault-tolerant session border controller integrated with the IMS;
  • Voicemail high availability carrier grade solutions;
  • Fax2Mail and ?2Fax high availability carrier grade solutions;
  • Lawful Intercept Solutions for Operators;